Database Design 
If your business is looking for the right type of database to fit your operation, Cardinal Business Services Inc. can provide you with a personalized Database Design that will integrate the full aspects of your business based on the assessment of your needs. Using a reliable platform and a secure software package, you can be ready to take on data management in no time. Your overall needs can be anticipated and designed within your software as your business grows and as your corporate demands become more integral to the success of your operation.


Database Deployment
Finding the right type of database, our team can be the key piece in deploying the software package(s) you need for your business operations. We can take on the take of evaluating software, testing viability, deploying programs and training your employees, Let us become your in-house specialists with on-demand responsiveness and dependability in ensuring that your investment is utilized to its maximum potential and that you receive your full Return on Investment for your money.


Additionally, we can take further steps in ensuring that your data is secure, backed up safely, and always readily available. Let us take care of everything including:

Internal Data & Software Management Network Infrastructure Management Database Development & Implementations
Data Management & Backups Database Systems Integration  


Database Customization

The management of data and the internal operations of companies are crucial not only to survival but also to profits and long-term success. We can provide a customized software solution that can be integrated with most accounting systems and systems-based software in any type of industry. The platform FileMaker Pro provides a stable and easy to manage database system, that is also SQL-ready and can be integrated with many different ready-to-use software systems.

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